Peranakan Arts & Crafts (Family Fun) Last day 17 June Only


The Peranakan Festival

Description of Workshops (Each Workshop is limited to 15 persons, so hurry!)

a) DIY Peranakan Motif Inspired Silkscreen and Colouring Totebag Workshop
(2 days: 27 May & 17 June (11am-6pm) in the main Atrium) Free General Admission. Purchase a Totebag $15 for the activity.

Join us in a hands-on silkscreen activity where you will get to choose a Peranakan Motif Inspired Design to silkscreen onto a totebag, followed by a drawing/colouring activity. A simple and fun activity, you will get to bring home with you will a functional totebag that you can use and proudly call your own!

b) Peranakan Inspired Canvas Craft Workshop
(2 Sessions on 28 May 1.00pm & 3.30pm)

Create your own Peranakan motifs masterpieces on canvas using both embroidery stitching methods as well as painting! You will learn the fundamentals of embroidery stitching such as back stitch, running stitch, split stitch as well as how to stitch simple text onto a stretched canvas. You will also be shown how to paint with acrylic paint and add colours onto your artwork to create a brilliant finish!

c) Peranakan Inspired Stamp Carving Workshop
4 classes on 2 days: 3 June & 11 June at 1.00pm & 3.30pm

Create your very own rubber stamps in a step-by-step guided session. There will be two themed workshops that you can choose from - one on Peranakan Motifs and another on Peranakan Snacks and Kuehs. You will walk away with the skills to create and carve your own rubber stamps as well as have an enjoyable time translating Peranakan motifs and icons into a craft form!

d) Peranakan Inspired Book Cover Art & Binding Workshop
2 sessions on 4 June 1.00pm & 3.30pm

Join us in creating your very own Peranakan inspired notebook! You will learn the basics of watercolour to finish a pre-designed book cover and create a functional notebook using the Stab Stitch book binding method. Through this workshop, you will be shown how to mix and blend colour pigment as well as the enjoyable process of book binding to create notebooks you can call your own!

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May 27 - Jun 17, 2017
[ Sat ] - [ Sat ]
11:00 AM - 5:30 PM SGT
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27 May & 17 June - DIY Silkscreen & Colouring of Totebag (GENERAL ADMISSION) FULL
28 May 1pm - Canvas Craft 1 SOLD OUT $50.00
28 May 3.30pm - Canvas Craft 2 SOLD OUT $50.00
3 June 1pm - Stamp Carving 1 (Motifs) SOLD OUT $50.00
3 June 3.30pm - Stamp Carving 2 (Snacks) SOLD OUT $50.00
4 Jun 3.30pm - Book Cover Art 2 SOLD OUT $50.00
11 june 3.30pm - Stamp Carving 4 (Snacks) SOLD OUT $50.00
17 June 12-6pm DIY Silkscreen Printing of Totebag SOLD OUT $15.00
Venue Address
442 Orchard Road s238879 Singapore
The Peranakan Festival

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